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Android Gingerbread rumors kinda sorta debunked, corrected Posted on Friday, Jul 2, by Phil Nickinson Remember those supposed Android details that dropped earlier this week, courtesy of oft-accurate Russian Blogger Eldar Murtazin's Digestiv podcast, as translated by Unwired View's Staska? Well, a few things have happened since then. Now in our 12th year, AndroidGuys provides readers with the latest news and rumors around the Android and smartphone space. Coverage also includes . New year, new phones! Maybe you aren’t smitten with today's superphones or you have a suspicion that the perfect phone is just around the corner. Here's a list of the most intriguing upcoming.

Assistant on Chrome OS, Samsung fined, and more Android news you need to know

Apple's Beats brand in April unveiled the Powerbeats Pro, a redesigned wire-free version of its popular fitness-oriented Powerbeats earbuds. MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products. We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms.

Got a tip for us? Let us know a. Send us an email b. Anonymous android rumors verizon close x. Verizon today announced that it is rolling out 5G service in select areas of four new cities: Atlanta, android rumors verizon, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Washington, Android rumors verizon. Paul, and Providencethe 5G service is limited in scope and has been made available in "dense, urban areas where people tend to congregate," such as public parks, monuments, college campuses, and stadiums.

Verizon's press release has specific listings of the areas where 5G connectivity is available in each city. Using Verizon's 5G network in requires a 5G-enabled device, and those are limited at this time. Apple's iPhones will not be able to connect to 5G networks until an iPhone that supports 5G is released. Apple is working on 5G devices and is expected to release the first 5G iPhone in fall.

For the test, PCMag employees drove through 30 cities and 25 states across the U. FCC Questions U. The carriers have been found selling real-time location information from customer devices to data aggregators, leading the location data to end up in the hands of private investigators, bounty hunters, law enforcement, credit companies, and more.

Companies like LocationSmart and Zumigo obtained location information from U. The FCC is now demanding answers from the four carriers, android rumors verizon. FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel asked the heads of each company to provide details on whether the data aggregators were allowed to save phone location data and what steps carriers are going to take to make sure shared data has been deleted.

But it is evident from press reports that this data may have been sold without the explicit consent of consumers and without appropriate safeguards in place. Accordingly, I appreciate your android rumors verizon to end these location aggregation services by March of this year. Verizon today announced a revamped version of its Verizon Up loyalty program with new and more frequent rewards for customers.

Rewards and localized offers are available through the updated My Verizon app. Verizon today announced it has turned on its commercial 5G network, android rumors verizon, starting in select areas of Minneapolis and Chicago. Verizon had originally targeted an April 11 launch, so the rollout is a week ahead of schedule. Verizon android rumors verizon can access the 5G network with the Moto Z3 smartphone paired with the 5G-enabled Moto Mod accessory, providing the "world's first commercial 5G mobile service with a 5G-enabled smartphone.

Verizon says customers in Chicago and Minneapolis should expect typical download speeds of Mbps, with peak speeds of nearly 1 Gbps and latency less than 30 milliseconds. Of course, speeds should improve with future upgrades.

In Minneapolis, service is concentrated in the downtown area, as well as inside and around U. Bank Stadium. Verizon postpaid customers with any unlimited plan, including Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, or. Verizon today announced a new cellular plan that's designed for kids, with parental controls built in that will help parents keep track of their kids' activity, android rumors verizon.

The plan also includes 5GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited talk and text to 20 parent-approved contacts, and an automatically enabled "Safety Mode" to prevent surprise overages. Verizon updated its Smart Family app in the spring of as a rebranding of its previous "FamilyBase" parental controls product. Besides location tracking. Verizon, one of the four major cellular carriers in the United States, android rumors verizon, today announced the android rumors verizon of a new free version of its Call Filter service that will identify, filter, and block incoming spam phone calls.

For Verizon customers, the free call filtering option will provide alerts when an incoming call is likely a spam caller, it will report unsolicited numbers, and, if the option is selected, automatically block incoming robocalls.

All of Verizon's postpaid wireless customers with a compatible device are able to enroll, but the service is not available to prepaid customers. Verizon says that in addition to making Call Filter free for all customers, android rumors verizon, it has made advancements towards blocking spoofed phone numbers.

Verizon says this new call authentication standard will be deployed on the Verizon network in conjunction with other major carriers in the coming months. Verizon-owned network Visible today announced it has started selling iPhones with zero-percent-interest financing in partnership with Affirm. The network previously operated on a bring-your-own-iPhone basis, android rumors verizon. Last, the network has launched a new Visible Protect plan with access to AppleCare.

Verizon subscribers with an iPhone or Android smartphone and a Beyond Unlimited or Above Unlimited data plan will soon have unlimited access to Apple Music at no additional cost, according to documentation obtained by 9to5Mac.

The report claims the free Apple Music subscription is not simply a trial but rather will be offered on an ongoing basis. Verizon's lower-priced Go Unlimited plan with reduced data speeds will continue to offer a six-month Apple Music trial, as the Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans currently do. The perk will be available to both new and existing subscribers starting this Thursday, January 17, the report adds.

Verizon's documentation suggests there is no catch, with the monthly prices of Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans expected to remain unchanged, but we'll know for sure in a few days. The perk will compete with T-Mobile's offer of free Netflix to subscribers who have two or more unlimited data lines with the carrier.

The app was updated today to allow Verizon customers to purchase a cellular plan for the eSIM line of android rumors verizon iPhone without needing to visit a Verizon store. Android rumors verizon in-app process should be more straightforward and convenient. This means you can have two lines of service on one iPhone, which is useful for purchasing data-only plans while traveling or having personal and business lines on a single iPhone.

Update: This process appears to be limited to customers of other carriers who are looking to add Verizon service via the. At the time iOS Please visit the training portal to learn how to activate," reads the document.

Following today's release of iOS With dual-SIM support, iPhone users are supposed to be able to swap between the two phone numbers readily, alleviating.

Verizon android rumors verizon announced the launch of a new "My Numbers" feature designed to let you add up to four additional numbers to a smartphone with unlimited calling and texting, for a total of five phone numbers connected to one device.

From there, Verizon users can choose the number to add from the available list, and it's ready to use alongside a device's primary phone number, android rumors verizon. This will allow customers to have one phone number for business and a separate phone number for personal use on one device, android rumors verizon. With each number, there are separate voicemail and text messaging boxes in the My Numbers app to keep content from different numbers from getting mixed up.

Verizon's "My Phone" feature is similar to what Apple is doing with dual-SIM functionality in its latest iPhones, but it's not cross-carrier.

In the U. Verizon's 5G home broadband service is today launching in parts of Indianapolis, Houston, Los Angeles, and Sacramento, Verizon announced this morning. Android rumors verizon began accepting pre-orders for the 5G Home service on Thursday, September 13, and customers who signed up will now be able to access their android rumors verizon connections, android rumors verizon.

And now, actual customers. It's been an incredible journey The monthly fee includes all taxes and other fees, and there are no hardware charges or annual contract. There are no data caps. Following the initial rollout to Houston. Verizon recently throttled the data used by a Santa Clara, California fire department that was in the midst of fighting wildfires, android rumors verizon Ars Technica.

Verizon's actions were outlined this week in an addendum to a brief filed by 22 state attorneys challenging the recent repeal of net neutrality rules. According to Santa Clara County Fire Department Fire Chief Anthony Bowden, android rumors verizon, the fire department paid Verizon for "unlimited" data, but its data speeds were heavily throttled while it was combating the still-ongoing Mendocino Complex Fire until the department shelled out more money for an upgraded unlimited plan.

Verizon's data throttling policies affected "OES ," a fire vehicle with a Verizon SIM card that is responsible for acting as a "command and control resource" for "the rapid deployment and organization of thousands of personnel and hundreds of fire engines, aircraft, and bulldozers.

Verizon representatives confirmed the throttling, but, rather than restoring us to an essential data transfer speed, they indicated that County Fire would have to switch to a new data plan at more than twice the cost, and they would only remove throttling after we contacted the Department that handles billing and switched to the.

Verizon and Apple last week announced a partnership that provides six free months of Apple Music service to new and existing customers with a Verizon Unlimited plan, and as of today, Verizon customers can sign up for their free Apple Music subscriptions.

Verizon subscribers who have an unlimited plan can visit the Apple Music section on the Verizon website to begin the android rumors verizon up process.

Logging in with a Verizon subscriber account is required, and from there, customers will receive a text message with a link that needs to be opened on a mobile device.

For iPhone and Android users that already have android rumors verizon app installed, it will open it up android rumors verizon subscription options. If the app isn't already installed, the App Store or Google Play store will open with instructions to download the app. Customers who have one of Verizon's original Unlimited plans from earlier this year can also sign up, and there have been some reports from Reddit users that other Verizon subscribers have been presented with the offer, android rumors verizon.

Verizon customers who already subscribe to Apple Music can activate the free trial offer, but will be prompted to cancel their existing Apple Music subscriptions through Apple to avoid double billing. Apple Music subscribers who recently renewed will want to wait for a few weeks to activate their Verizon trials to make sure to get the full six months of free service.

Annual subscribers may be able to cancel via. Verizon today announced that it will offer the Apple TV 4K as part of its 5G residential broadband package that's set to launch in four markets this year, including Indianapolis, Houston, Los Angeles, android rumors verizon, and Sacramento. With the Apple TV 4K, customers have access to cable content, both free and subscription, through a wide selection of apps that are available on the device, plus it includes perks like Siri for voice control and the Apple TV app for keeping track of the content you're watching across a wide range of apps.

Verizon and Apple android rumors verizon announced a new partnership which will see Verizon Unlimited customers able to sign up to receive six months of Apple Music for free.

Starting on Thursday, August 16, both new and android rumors verizon customers who have one of Verizon's Unlimited wireless plans can access a special offer for six months of Apple Music at no cost. This is available to both new and android rumors verizon Apple Music subscribers. According to Verizon, current Apple Music subscribers will get the same six months of free service as new subscribers, but will be required to cancel and reactivate their Apple Music subscriptions.

And now that you can mix and match our unlimited plans, every person in your family can stream worry-free on the unlimited plan they need, android rumors verizon paying for things they don't - and enjoy all the music they want for six months free with Apple Music. While Verizon calls these plans unlimited, all three have data caps on the amount of LTE data that users can access per month before having their speeds downgraded or limitations on video quality.

Neither of the two current plans include TravelPass access or extra cloud storage. The new plan option will be available for Verizon customers and those new to Verizon starting on June Verizon Wireless was awarded the title of the fastest nationwide mobile network in PCMag's annual mobile network comparison, the results of which were released this morning, android rumors verizon. For its test, PCMag analysts drove within and between 30 cities in the United States to test mobile network speeds using four Samsung Galaxy S9 phones.

More than a dozen locations in each city were tested, android rumors verizon, with the site gathering more thandata points to reach its conclusion. Scores were calculated taking into account metrics like download speed, upload speed, latency, reliability, and consistency. Verizon was named the overall fastest network after it won android rumors verizon tied in 19 of the 36 cities that were tested across the United States, marking Verizon's 5th annual victory.


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android rumors verizon


Verizon provides broadband and other wireless and wireline communications services. It also provides converged communications, information and entertainment services over an advanced fiber-optic network, and delivers integrated business solutions. Now in our 12th year, AndroidGuys provides readers with the latest news and rumors around the Android and smartphone space. Coverage also includes . SO on (deleted content to comply with VZW ToS) and androidcentral there is a lot of talk of the strat getting ota update of a pseudo ics any truth to this?Message was edited by: Verizon Moderator.